Training Practice

GP Registrars

GP Registrars are fully qualified doctors undertaking the further 3 years training necessary to become a GP. They have undergone additional training to enable them to diagnose and treat in the same way that the doctors do for many conditions.

This practice believes that we must take an active part in training junior doctors and medical students.  This is the way we can do our bit to achieve a continued quality of new GPs to serve patients in the future. When you call or visit the surgery you may therefore be treated by a GP Registrar.

training practice


Videoing Consultations

An important skill that doctors and nurses need to continue to strive to improve is our communication with our patients.  We have discovered that one of the best ways of identifying aspects of our practice that could be improved is through the use of the video recorder.

From time to time, you might be asked if your consultation can be recorded.  The importance of privacy and sensitivity remains our priority during these  consultations.  You also have the option to change your mind at the end of a consultation if you no longer feel comfortable with the content of the recording.

The recording is used for the doctor or nurse to reflect on their own skills or to be taught by their GP supervisor how to improve their skills.

This is an extremely effective and valuable learning aid, aimed at improving how well we are able to care for you. We hope you will feel able to agree to recording if asked. Sometimes the most distressing and personal situations that patients come in with are the most important ones that we need to improve our skills to be able to deal with these situations better.