Advanced Clinical Practitioners

We have several Advance Nurse Practitioners at the practice specialising in a variety of clinical areas and dealing with patients of all ages. All are qualified nurses who have undergone additional training to enable them to diagnose and treat in the same way that the doctors do for many conditions. All nurse practitioners have prescribing qualifications. Within our team, the nurse practitioners often see people who need emergency appointments on that same day, as well as dealing with long term illnesses. Our nurse practitioners are not only highly qualified, but they have a wealth of experience in the work they do. There is always a doctor available if further input is required.


Donna L ACP Team Lead

Specialises in Womens Health
General and Diabetes

I have worked at St Paul's Medical Centre and now Carlisle Healthcare for 26 years, I was a practice nurse specialising in Diabetes care before training to be an Advanced Nurse Practioner, and I now have a special interest in all things Women's Health.


Sarah sewell  ACP Team Lead


I have been a nurse for 13 years and an ACP for 3 years, before working at Carlisle Healthcare I have done a lot of work in the hospital in coronary care, and emergency medicine before moving into the community with an interest in frailty.


Billy D Paediatric Specialist Nurse

Peadiatric Specialist and Safeguarding
Does not see Gynae Problems or Contraception


Claire B  ACP


I've been at Carlisle Healthcare since 2019 and have recently completed an MSC in Advanced Clinical Practice. Prior to that, I worked as a practice nurse with a special interest in respiratory health, completing my PGC in 2016. I really enjoy my work in primary care and have previously worked locally in a community hospital and GP surgeries. I currently also work in our local out of hours service.


Michelle T  ACP



Jackie S  Specialist Nurse

General and Dermatology


Anne H  ACP

Post-Natal and Baby Checks

I have been a nurse for 51 and an ANP for 25 years. I previously worked at Brunswick House Medical Group before leaving for a short spell at another local GP practice. I returned to Carlisle Healthcare in 2022. I don't specialise in any particular area and see all aspects of general practice, recently adding post-natal and mother reviews to my list.


Jonas Y P  ACP


I have been a nurse for 17 years. I grew up in Tenerife, moved to Madrid to study nursing and practiced in mainland Spain for several years. I moved to London in 2012 and settled in Carlisle in 2013. Before moving to Carlisle Healthcare I have worked in Theatres, Neonatal Intensive Care, Peadiatric Ward, Paeds and Adult A&E, and Intensive Care Ambulances.

Maddy Ross Trainee ACP