COVID Vaccine Passport 

From Monday 17th May, England's NHS App will be available to use as a vaccine passport, as instructed by the UK Government. 

This will only apply to those that have had both doses of the jab. 

NHS Digital are currently doing updates to the NHS App and so you may not be able to view your vaccine dosages straight away. Please do not contact the surgery if you are unable to view your Vaccine Passport just yet, we are unable to do anything to make it visible. 

A paper version will also be available - by calling 119 but not through your GP.

Please note: The NHS App (pictured below) is separate to the NHS Covid-19 app. The NHS COVID 19 App is used for contact tracing. 



Step 1 : How to access the NHS App:

Get the NHS App on your computer

Download the NHS App on your iPhone 

Download the NHS App on your Android smartphone 

Step 2 - How to set up your NHS App account: 

  • Create an account.

  • You will be asked to provide photo ID.
    The app will take you through how to do this, including opening the camera on your phone/tablet for you. You will need your driving licence or passport to do the first part of this.

  • You may have to wait for a couple of hours while all your information is submitted and checked.

  • You will then be able to use the app.

You may want to watch this informative Youtube video for further information on how to set up your NHS App account. 


If you have any issues with the NHS App - please click here for more information.


Published: May 14, 2021