Have you considered self care?

Many things get better by themselves, or with simple measures.  If you need help with self-managing your problem, we recommend the following:

However, if you still require our help, we have a number of options available, outlined below.

How can we help?

The best way to contact the Practice is via our Online Consultation service. 

The Doctor will clinically assess the information provided and liaise with the Reception Team to arrange your care. It is therefore important to ensure you give accurate information on your Online Consultation or on the phone to our team. This then helps us to prioritise patients clinical need and ensures you are treated by the most appropriate clinician within the most appropriate time frame.

You will receive a response from the Practice by the end of the next working day at the latest. We will respond by text, phone call or email, whichever is the most appropriate.

If you are unable to use the Online Consultation service, please call us on 01228 588121 and speak to a member of our Reception Team whom will take the details of your request and submit it to the Doctor for clinical assessment, on your behalf. Calling us may take longer than submitting an Online Consultation, therefore call wait times may be longer during peak times. 

For life threatening emergencies and serious accidents dial 999.

This approach has been developed over the last 6 months and has led to more patients being seen in a timely manner by the appropriate clinician.

Long term condition appointments

If you have a long term or ongoing health condition you will be invited to attend the Practice periodically for review. If you think you are due a review and have not yet been contacted, please contact us via the Online Consultation service and click on "Complete a review" towards the bottom right of the screen. If you have several long term conditions we can synchronise your review appointments so that you make a minimum number of visits to the surgery. 

We have a number of different clinical staff working together at the surgery including doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, specialist nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and health care assistants. Your care will be overseen by your named accountable GP.

There are  a number of self-help options available  (including self referral for a range of common conditions e.g physiotherapy, counselling, sexual health checks). These are described in more detail in the self help section of this website. If in doubt, visit the Online Consultation service for further information or speak to a member of our Reception Team.

Cancel your appointment

To cancel your appointment please click HERE

Text Reminders

Please sign up to text reminders with a mobile number when booking an appointment. An appointment text reminder will be sent to your mobile, please reply ‘CANCEL’ if you are unable to attend. This will automatically cancel your appointment. 

Please take note that by cancelling your appointment well ahead of time it then enables another patient, who may have been waiting a significant amount of time to see a clinician, to book into it