Stop Smoking

Live a healthier life

If you're a smoker, stopping smoking can make a big difference to your health, as well as the health of your family and friends. It can improve your chances of living longer and you'll soon be feeling the benefits of giving up cigarettes. Even if you've been smoking for years, it's never too late to stop.

Benefits of quitting smoking

You're four times more likely to stop smoking if you use an NHS service to help you. Once you do stop, benefits will include:

• Healthier looking skin
• Improved breathing
• Reduced risk of suffering a heart attack and heart disease

Helping you to stop smoking

We know quitting smoking can be hard but the NHS Stop Smoking Service can help you. You may want to use the service if you prefer a structured approach to controlling your cravings. 

The NHS Stop Smoking Service varies across the country, but generally includes:

• Access to on-going support such as consultations with a trained advisor
• Advice on and supply of stop smoking medicines if they're suitable for you*

*Charges may apply.

To Access the service: Text 80011 "Pharmacy Stop" and your postcode 

Find your local  NHS Stop Smoking Service here


Quit with help

Everyone has a different reason for quitting, get a personalised Quit Smoking Plan.