Electronic Repeat Dispensing 

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If you have a regular prescription or someone you care for uses the same medicines regularly, ask your GP or pharmacist about electronic repeat dispensing (eRD).

Using eRD means your prescription will be ready without having to contact your GP.

For people who have a regular prescription, electronic repeat dispensing (eRD) allows them to get their medicines from their chosen pharmacy without having to obtain a signature from their GP every time they collect.

Through eRD a GP can authorise up to 12 months’ worth of a patient’s regular prescription, which is then ready for download and dispensing at the chosen pharmacy each time the patient needs it.

People who get their regular medication through eRD welcome the convenience of knowing their next prescription will be ready without having to contact their general practice, and say it provides flexibility so they have medication to cover bank holidays.

Patients who have a regular repeat prescription, and would like to receive it through the electronic repeat dispensing service, should ask their GP or pharmacist for more information. 

This video was produced by Wessex AHSN to increase awareness of eRD and its many benefits.