Private Fees

Payments can be made either by cash, cheque or card payments (which are accepted in person or payments can be made via the telephone).

To find out more about why GPs sometimes charge fees, please visit the BMA website:

private fees


Request for Report £104.00
Report with examination £150.00
Court of Protection (COP3)/Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) £80.00


With home visit £140.00


Insurance Reports

Full General Practitioner Report (GPR) £140.00 (unless stated by them)
Additional information request £27.00

Other Third Part Requests

Request for report by employer/occ health £104.00
Cumbria & Lancs CRC (Probation Service) £30.00
Deprivation of Liberty Letter £25.00
Army/ with full copies of notes £65.00/£115.00
DVLA Report/Examination £40.00/£85.00
PIP Forms £33.50


Adult Health Report Update £25.98
Adult Health Report with medical £76.33

Driving Medicals

Taxi Medical (with eye test in surgery) £95.00

Patient Requests

Fitness to Travel/Take meds abroad letters £25.00
To Whom it May Concern Letter/ short GP letter £25.00 (benefits £10.00)
Holiday Cancellation/Insurance Forms £50.00
Insurance/Accident Questionnaire (ie self-employed) £30.00
Private Script £25.00
Private Consultation £45.00
Private Consultation – home visit (non-UK) £130.00
Ofsted Forms/Police/Ambulance Questionnaires £30.00
Camp America Forms £50.00
Firearms License £50.00
Immigration Reports/Exam £50.00
Blood Test/Scan/X-Ray for work abroad Check with lab + GP Appt