Pregnancy Maternity Notes Changes - April 2019

North Cumbria University Hospitals (NCUH) is introducing electronic maternity notes, through a system called BadgerNet. This will go live in community for all new maternity bookings from 1 April 2019

Our female patients can still make their booking appointments through Carlisle Healthcare; however our aim to direct all female patients to a website whereby they can make a referral into the midwives to get them set up with access to the new Maternity Notes App. The app will replace the woman’s hand held green paper notes and information will be more easily accessible by clinicians, giving improved continuity of care.

If you are newly pregnant:

  • Directly register in the booking website ( This will send your information to the community midwives in your chosen area, who can then set up your account with the Maternity Notes app. They can also arrange a booking appointment if this hasn’t already been done.
  • Your community midwife can explain more, but you can download the app for further details..

Published: Apr 16, 2019