Purpose of Group Consultation:


This group consultation will involve multiple patients who share similar health concerns and will be conducted by healthcare professionals specializing in Osteoarthritis.


Nature of Group Consultation:


1. The group consultation will be conducted using a secure and confidential video conferencing platform.

2. The discussions will focus on general Osteoarthritis management, including lifestyle changes, exercise routines, medication management, and other relevant topics.

3. Patient privacy will be respected during the group consultation, and participants are expected to maintain confidentiality regarding the information shared by other participants.


Benefits and Risks:


- Benefits: The group consultation provides an opportunity for shared learning, mutual support, and the exchange of experiences among patients with Osteoarthritis.


- Risks: While every effort will be made to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of participants, there is a minimal risk of unintentional disclosure of personal information during the group consultation.


Voluntary Participation:

Participation in the group consultation is entirely voluntary, and I understand that I have the right to withdraw from the session at any time without providing a reason.


Recording and Confidentiality:

The group consultation may be recorded for quality improvement and educational purposes. All recorded information will be kept confidential and will only be used for the aforementioned purposes.